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Our Top 10 Wedding Moments of 2019:

As 2019 comes to a close, we wanted to reminisce on some of our favorite moments from the past year.

#10 The cornhole boards

K + B were one of our favorite couples to work with, because they not only trusted us with so many decisions about their big day, but they also wanted to integrate personal elements throughout the day that was a true refection of their life.

By far, our favorite element of the day were the hand painted corn hole boards from Junco Pine Arts of their two dogs, which proved to be equally beautiful and a lovely memento of the day.

#9 The sand ceremony

When A + S told us that they would be having a sand ceremony, we didn’t give it a second thought, as that is a rather common choice for a unity ceremony in eastern North Carolina.

What we weren’t expecting, however, was that they would use sand from two different NC beaches that were important to them and their families— which we thought was such an intentional way of taking a rather common practice and making it personal to the couple’s story.

#8 The grooms cake

Being that B is a fireman, MC was very excited for the opportunity to integrate details of his job into a custom groom’s cake. Not only did she design a cake that was a replica of his helmet and a firehose, but the pins and personalized patches from his uniform were replicated as well.

The cake was a complete surprise to B, and it was wonderful to watch his face light up with love and appreciation for his new bride as she pointed out all of the intentional details to him.