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Sammy Jo & Tom: A Unique Spring Floral Fairytale

Rest assured, no one loves a unique touch to a wedding as much as the ladies at Magnolia Collective! When Sammy Jo entered the chat, we could not have been any more excited to dive in and help her plan her big day! When Meagan heard "men in suits and women in coordinating floral dresses," she knew the vibe and aesthetic of this wedding was going to be one for the books!.

Photographer: The Greenes Photo & Films

I mean...come on! In a world of conventional bridesmaids dresses, floral dresses emerge as the champions of style and elegance. They effortlessly elevate the wedding aesthetic, particularly when you want to stay minimalistic from a floral standpoint.

Speaking of the florals- how about that fireplace mantel? We ADORED the Spice linens that Sammy Jo picked out that complimented her florals, particularly against the backdrop of the Maxwell's Great Room.

Another special touch that made Sammy Jo & Tom's day unique were the table numbers that included different childhood photographs of the bride and groom. Our personal favorite touch- the ode to Harry Potter (and all the 90's babies said AMEN!) There was a special table called "Dumbledore's Army", two specialty drinks (The Draco & The Lovegood) and the cutest sorting hat sign for the gift table!

Now, let's talk about the Bride and Groom themselves. Meet the epitome of effortless coolness and minimalist chic- Sammy Jo & Tom. This dynamic duo embraced simplicity with a style that spoke volumes in understated elegance. Tom exudes a sense of calm and relaxation, always sporting a contagious smile that put everyone at ease. Sammy Jo had a radiance that emanated from within and was the definition of "beautiful inside and out." With an ease that was both refreshing and inspiring, Sammy Jo & Tom welcomed our help in planning and orchestrating their dream wedding day.

From the very beginning, their open-mindedness and trust in our expertise allowed us to unleash our creativity and help bring their vision to life. Rather than getting caught up in the nitty-gritty details, they focused on what truly mattered- celebrating their love and creating a memorable experience for their loved ones. It was an honor to be part of their journey!

So, in conclusion- if you are a laid-back couple who trusts your planner to make the right decisions for your big day- WE LOVE YOU!

And also,...if you are wondering if there is a different way to highlight florals without paying for over-the-top arrangements, the answer is always YES!

Sammy Jo & Thomas Saraceni

Planning Team: Magnolia Collective

Photographer/Videographer: The Greenes Photo & Film

Caterer: CateringWorks

Hair/Makeup: Wedded Kiss

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