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col·​lec·​tive | \ kə-ˈlek-tiv

Each of us brings a specific skill set, perspective, and expertise that makes us amazing.  But, when we combine forces, we are astonishing.  As it is with the clients we serve, our differences are necessary and  a collective can only exist as a unified group.  More powerful,  more productive, and more stunning - together.

Meagan Culkin

Owner, Lead Designer & Planner

Sandi Beute

Operations Manager & Planner

Natalie Griffie

Admin & Lead Coordinator

Savannah Jamieson

Lead Coordinator

I started coordinating weddings 11 years ago, and have worked on over 700 weddings and events since then.  I'm passionate about serving couples who are stressed out, burned out, struggling with their vision, or just need a second opinion on how things look.  Whether that's taking something off of your plate or standing by your side and creating it with you-- I'm happy to help. 


I believe there's a place for everyone here, and want to do whatever I can to bring your unique visions to life.​  And while I absolutely love being present on a wedding day, I am also aware that we can best serve our clients by leading with our strengths-- and that looks like this amazing team.  

I'm originally from the suburbs of Chicago and moved to North Carolina from Michigan with my family last year.  I'm new here, so I still drink unsweet tea and have a snowbrush in my car.

With over 20 years experience in various business and event environments, I have found the perfect home in Magnolia to utilize my unique combination of skills.  I love the challenge of streamlining complications and developing systems to make life easier. Life is hard enough, right?  As part of the Magnolia Collective family, I get to help orchestrate celebrations that bring families, cultures, and communities together.  What an absolute honor.

When I'm not working, .....well, I have 4 kids - so I'm probably at the grocery store.

I met Meagan in college and have enjoyed watching her build such a successful business with a fabulous team. I was honored to be a part of Magnolia Collective for a brief time in 2017 before getting married and moving to Wisconsin. Now that we're back home in the Raleigh area, I'm thrilled to re-join the team and help people create beautiful memories at some of my favorite locations!


As a highly creative individual, I have expressed myself in many ways including dance, vocal performance, musical theater, hair and makeup, and baked goods. I love putting on a fantastic, memorable show in a way that makes the process fun and simple for everyone.


When I'm not putting on Magnolia Collective events, I enjoy teaching fitness classes, exploring new restaurants with my husband, and cuddling with my cats.

I have been with the Magnolia team since 2015, and have been helping to plan and coordinate events since 2009.

From weddings and birthday parties to graduation celebrations and everything in between, my keen eye for detail allows me to help make each event unique and unforgettable.   

When not coordinating weddings, you can find me binging true crime podcasts and TV shows, hanging out with my cat and dog, or planning theme nights with friends.

Bailey Murad

Associate Coordinator

Emily Patton

Associate Coordinator

Jennigrace Cooper

Associate Coordinator

Savannah Baldwin

Associate Coordinator

I started as an intern with Magnolia Collective, then transitioned to an Event Assistant after graduation from ECU.  I have my B.S. in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Special Events and Conventions. 


My favorite part of a wedding is seeing an empty venue come to life with everything the couple has picked out - but I also love a first look and a first dance!! 

The Bachelor, Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise are my guilty pleasures that I don't feel that guilty about!

Hello! I'm Savannah and I recently graduated with my degree in Event and Venue Management. I am super excited to be be part of Magnolia Collective since college showed me that I love planning and organizing wedding events!


A few things that you should know about me are, I love coffee and the ambience alone of coffee shops gets me excited.  Reading is my absolute favorite hobby (and I am always open to new recommendations - so tell me what you're reading), and I repeat binge watch New Girl on a monthly basis.

Margaret Naughton

Associate Coordinator

Mackenzie Stancil

Associate Coordinator

Ellie Mc Dade Nelson

Associate Coordinator

Hi! I'm Margaret.  I am originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but I moved to Wilmington, NC for college and after graduating with my degree in Theatre Design and Technology, I stayed there. My concentration was lighting design and I’ve worked backstage for national touring shows so I understand all of the work that happens behind the scenes that come together to make an event special.


 My hobbies are hands on things like baking, cooking, and painting. I also like to spend my free time performing in musical theatre or relaxing with a good book.