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For Wedding Pros

Meagan Culkin, Owner and Lead Planner at Magnolia Collective, took her wedding planning business to a new level during her downtime in the pandemic.  She used that time to her advantage by diving into the world of TikTok.  Since 2020 her following has continued to grow one short-form video at a time.  Learn how this planner-turned -creator turned TikTok into a powerful Marketing tool and how you can too!  

Have you ever thought:

"I just figured out Instagram Reels, do I really have to learn TikTok? 

"I have a hard enough time figuring out what to post on Facebook and Insta, where do I even start?"

"I don't like being on camera, will I have to be visible?"

"Is it worth it?  How will this translate into sales?"

Let's talk about strategies and tips for TikTok success - and how you can get comfy and creative on the app - without having to dance!

If you've been a consumer of TikTok for a while now but aren't sure how to make the plunge into the world of posting-- this one's for you!  Behold! Your cheat sheet for getting started, the tools I use, and the easiest ways to just get out there and start posting, without having to master transitions or fancy dance routines.

You finally created a post-- now what?  Posting is only half the battle-- learn how to optimize your posts to ensure you're getting the maximum amount of exposure and reaching your ideal clients in the process!

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