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Being raised in the South, the concept of southern hospitality is something that is driven into your upbringing.  At Magnolia Collective, our team implements this idea, to ensure that each couple receives the same personalized and welcoming experience.

Regardless of your religious background, age, sexual orientation, or wedding style— we want you to know that you are welcome here.

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Bride and mother getting ready


The Magnolia Collective couple is excited about their wedding day, but are more excited about being married. They are probably helping to pay for some element of their wedding, and are a modern and open-minded couple, that is focused on integrating personal elements into their day, that will be a reflection of their relationship and unique personalities. 


Whether you’re looking for an intimate backyard wedding or a full blown southern soiree, it is our goal to match you with the wedding planner that matches your unique style. 


We know that one wedding planner can not effectively “be the best” at every style of wedding, which is why we have a team of planners with different specialties and personality types, who are excited to work with you! 


It’s our goal to meet each couple where they are at in the planning process, and determine how we can best serve them.  Whether your budget is $30K or $150K, we will strive to support you throughout the planning process, and ensure that you are creating a lasting relationship based on trust and respect with our team.   


The motto at Magnolia Collective is “creating events as beautiful and unique as our couples."  It is our hope that each couple walks away from their wedding feeling valued and appreciated, and that their love story is told in a beautiful way.  


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