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How Rocksbox Saved my Wedding

So before I even delve into this topic, first let me say that I am in no way paid by Rocksbox, WinC, or any other monthly subscription services. That being said-- these products are ahhhhmazing and if you aren’t currently using them, you need to stop everything and go sign up for them now.

I was first introduced to Rocksbox at a wedding of one of our former brides. I was a bride to be, and was desperately trying to simultaneously juggle planning 20+ weddings a year and being a bride myself. I was standing next to one of the caterers during the reception, scrolling through pages upon pages of jewelry on my phone, trying to find something that I could wear for an upcoming bridal shower, without paying a small fortune.

The caterer and I started chatting about my wedding plans, and how I was trying to avoid spending a ton of money on “bridal” jewelry that I may never wear again. She told me about Rocksbox, which let’s you rent 3 pieces of designer jewelry for $19 a month. Ummm hellooooooooo-- that’s awesome! I picked my favorites as I stood there talking to her, and 3 days later, the pieces were there. I used 2 of the 3 pieces at my upcoming shower, and when I returned them, they send me 3 more.

I planned on cancelling my subscription after the wedding was over, but I found that there were few pieces of mail as exciting to receive every month-- except for maybe, my wine of the month club.

The hubs bought me a 3 month trial of Winc for Valentine’s Day when we were engaged, and when it ran out on the 4th month, I nearly cried. Imagine receiving 4 bottles of wine in the mail each month, all at a discounted rate, and all picked out specifically based on the types of wine and food that you drink. Yeah. I know right?

Needless to say, we picked that subscription back up pretty quickly as well, and I never looked back. Since then, we have also added the Date Night In box, which comes complete with everything you need to have a fun filled date night for two-- because even the most exciting Netflix movie marathons could use a little sprucing up every now and then.

If there’s one key thing that I learned while we were engaged, it was that sometimes the cost of at-home delivery is worth SO much more than the time spent shopping in traditional stores, or scouring Pinterest for the latest ideas.

I won’t pretend like having a wine delivery service eliminated all of my wedding planning stress, but it did give me something fun to look forward to every month that didn’t involve picking out linen colors or china patterns.

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