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Work life balance, saying no, and other things I’m terrible at.

I hear it all the time “How do you do it? When do you sleep? Do you ever take a day off?” Well I’m here to tell yall the dirty truth, which is “I don’t stop, I live on coffee, and I always work.”

People tell you that owning your own business is the most rewarding thing you will ever do, but the truth is-- it’s also the most difficult. But unlike so many people who are learning about this world of entrepreneurship day by day, the truth is, it’s all I have ever known.

My grandparents owned their own businesses, my mother owns her business, and I even married a man who works for himself. I have never had a 9-5 job, and don’t even think I could work one if I tried. Nights and weekends off is not a world that I’ve ever known, and because of that, the whole notion of “work life balance” is something that is incredibly difficult for me to grasp.

When you build a company based around hustle and being there for your brides, it’s hard to not check your email at all hours of the night, and to step away from work. I put out fires on a regular basis, so when a bride is in a panic, things can easily go from bad to worse when an email goes unanswered for days at a time.

I see planners all the time who work 60+ hours a week for about 5 years, before they’re completely burned out and don’t even want to run a company anymore-- and I knew that I didn’t want that to be my life. So while I want to be there for our brides 24/7, we had to put certain things in place to lighten the load off of yours truly.

I love what we do here at Magnolia Grove Weddings, but more importantly, I want our company to continue helping brides to years after I’m no longer as young as our brides. So rather than ‘workin for the weekend’ like the 80s song goes, we’ll be over here workin to build a legacy!

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