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Welcome Bags- Worth It?

There were several things that I said I would not spend the money on as a bride, and then turned right around and ate my words. Creating Welcome Bags for our out of town guests was one of those things.

Let me first say, that when you have to buy multiples of anything, the cost adds up rather quickly. However, there are ways to create a thoughtful and unique welcome bag for your guests without completely breaking the bank.

Make a Plan.

Your guests don’t expect you to spend $30+ on each welcome bag, so don’t be afraid to set a budget and stick to it. Make a list of a few items that reflect the theme of the wedding, the personalities of you and your spouse, or just basic weekend essentials and go from there. Bottled water, bandaids, headache medicine, and small snacks are always a good place to start.

Buy in Bulk.

Places like Sams or Costco, and online sites like Amazon or make buying in bulk very easy and cost effective. Extra bottles of water, bandaids, or other welcome bag items can always be placed in the bridal suite or in the bathrooms for other guests at the ceremony.

Include Contact Information and Reminders.

Welcome bags are a great place to add any emergency contact information or include any last minute reminders about parking or shuttle services. Although we hate to admit it, the majority of your guests won’t take the time to read all of the information you so painstakingly list on your wedding website, so it’s good to include the really important things in more than one place.

While they are certainly not a necessity, they are a fun way to set the tone for your upcoming weekend of fun for your guests. They can be as personal or as basic as you wish, but there are definite benefits in taking the time to create them for your guests. No matter how you decide to stuff them, do yourself a favor and drop them off at the hotel earlier in the week so it’s one less thing to worry about the day of the rehearsal dinner!

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