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9 Items you’re sure to forget on your wedding day

Things get forgotten, that’s life, but when things get forgotten on your wedding day, it can feel like the end of the world - trust me. One would think that as an event coordinator my wedding day would have been flawless, not an item out of place or forgotten. You would be wrong.

After months of planning and mapping out every detail of my wedding day, the last thing I wanted was for someone to ask “Did you remember ___?” and for me not to have a response. Well, guess what? It did. Several times.

So, in order to help ensure that your day doesn’t miss a beat and you have everything you need, take a look at the top 9 things not to forget on your wedding day!

  1. EAT! I’m going to break it to you easy, you’re {probably} not going to get a chance to eat at your reception, even if the caterer or coordinator make you a plate and bring it to you. This is why it is so important to eat a good breakfast and lunch! I understand that you might need to squeeze into your dress, but you’ve also got a long night ahead of you, and you’re going to need to be fueled and ready to go. If you don’t want to eat one big meal, eat snacks throughout the day and be sure to stay hydrated.

  2. Music for the bridal party while they get ready: One of the highlights of the wedding day is getting ready with your best friends. It’s a time to laugh, share memories, and just hang out one last time. So, be sure that you not only have a playlist ready to go but that you also have a speaker ready to play that music (my fatal mistake). Don’t get me wrong, I loved having my bridesmaids belt out Justin Bieber all day, but actual JB would have been much better.

  3. Keep all owed money in ONE location: Chances are, you’re going to still owe a vendor or two some money. Make sure to put any outstanding payments in a clearly marked envelope with someone you trust, like your day-of coordinator! This way, you don’t have any vendors waiting for payment before they get started and you aren’t scrambling to find the cash.

  4. Cocktail Hour Games: Imagine this, ordering two beautiful sets of cornhole boards for your guests to play during cocktail hour. But as your crew sets them up, they realize that one key piece is missing - the cornhole bags. Take my advice, check and double check that all of your games either come with the correct pieces or you make sure to order them separately beforehand.

  5. Clothes to change into after the wedding: No matter how gorgeous you look or how much you love your dress (maybe even a little more than the person you just married, kidding) you will want some relief. If you are embarking on your honeymoon after your reception, or traveling longer than 30 minutes, make sure you have a change of clothes handy and a place to change. Changing in the parking lot is not ideal, and can lead to some pretty awkward stares.

  6. Not everyone knows your plan: If you’re like me, then you have a detailed plan of every single item that goes on every single table and you have an army of people to help execute your dream. It’s crucial to make sure that you don’t forget to print multiple copies of your plan for those that are helping you set up and have assignments for everyone. The old saying “too many cooks in the kitchen” can ring true on your wedding day and the last thing we want is for you to get annoyed by people that are in your way or standing around.

  7. Ship everything to one place and take an inventory often: This “forgetmenot” is ongoing and can seem simple, BUT it can be easy to ship items to a different address when you hastily checkout at Etsy before your fiance can tell you no (hehe, sorry). By keeping everything in one place, you will be able to pack and coordinate decorations so much easier. It will also help keep your mind at ease and stay within budget by knowing exactly how many of each item you have so you don’t accidently order an extra 12 glass vases.

  8. Ask your guests if they have any food allergies: If you don’t have a food allergy, then you are likely not to take them into consideration when you plan your wedding menu. However, for someone with a food allergy, knowing what is in the food you serve is critical. *Still apologizing to one of my bridesmaids with a nut allergy (sorry, Kathy Jo).* Whether you include a line of the RSVP or simply ask around, this is one thing not to forget!

  9. Yup, there was more than one Bojangles within a 10 mile radius of my venue. If you’re doing anything special, like having Bojangles biscuits or Krispy Kreme donuts as a late night snack, make sure that whoever is picking them up knows exactly which location your order is at! If not, there’s a high chance they will go to the wrong one and the special treat will arrive later than expected. Good news, no one will know they are late :)

There you have it, a peek into the nine major things I forgot on my wedding day. Even if you take my advice, chances are you’re going to forget something else and that’s okay! It happens to everyone, but here at Magnolia Grove we want to minimize the stress and forgotten items on your big day. So, let us help!

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