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The Black Friday Bride

There is often much heated debate over how your Thanksgiving holidays should be spent. Do you sit at home and nurse a food coma, or stand outside of Walmart in running shoes clutching a sales paper? While I am admittedly an avid shopper (who has been sending my husband links to the Kate Spade sale for the past 24 hours), I find that standing in line in the cold is simply more trouble than it’s worth. That being said, there are tons of great deals to be had for the newly engaged-- you just have to know where to look.

The Dress.

My husband proposed the day before Thanksgiving last year, and my mother-in-law to be suggested that we spend our Black Friday in line at a local bridal boutique trunk show. While I appreciated her enthusiasm, my mama would have been absolutely heartbroken had I come home from a week in Kentucky with a fiance AND my wedding dress. That being said, there are a lot of great trunk shows going on this weekend, so if you are still in search of the perfect dress-- be sure to check them out!

The Girls.

If your bridesmaids are local and don’t mind braving the crowds, Black Friday is a great time to go searching for dresses for the bridal party as well! Department stores like Belk, Dillard’s, and Nordstrom have great selections and some of the best sales this weekend, so it’s definitely something to capitalize on.

If your girls aren’t local but you are still looking for shoes for everyone, use the opportunity to have everyone pick up their bridesmaid shoes. Places like DSW and Macy’s have pretty consistent inventory from store to store, so it’s pretty easy to send a group text and have everyone divide and conquer at their local stores.

The Invitations.

Provided that you’ve already nailed down your venue and set your date, I would highly recommend ordering your invitation suites this weekend. Sites like Vistaprint, Minted, and Zazzle all have amazing deals this weekend-- most of which all include free shipping. This was the first thing we ordered when we got engaged and I easily saved upwards of $150 on our invitations, place cards, and return address labels when all was said and done.

The Decor.

If you are the DIY bride, make sure to make your way over to Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics before the end of the weekend. They offer sometimes as much as 50% off your entire purchase throughout the weekend so any picture frames, chalkboards, or mason jars that have been sitting on your list of things to buy-- go ahead and get them now!

The Photos.

Walgreens always has great deals on prints and photobooks this weekend, and Shutterfly has their books on sale this year as well! These are great gift ideas for in laws, guest books, or even a gift for your hubby to be if he hasn’t seen your bridal portraits yet. It’s also a good idea to print some extra enlargements while they’re on sale, because you never know when you’ll need them for an upcoming shower or engagement party.

While this certainly isn’t an extensive list, I hope that you find it helpful. Weddings are expensive, and I am all about saving as much money as possible along the way. Happy shopping yall!

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