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DIY Photo Booth Frame

As with any celebration, taking the time to capture the most memorable moments with a photograph is one of the best parts. From fun, hand-held signs to bold backdrops, taking the perfect picture isn’t complete without the right props. Whether it’s to celebrate a walk down the aisle or a lively get-together with your favorite people, a floral photo booth frame prop made with meaningful flowers is a fun and colorful addition to any party.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect floral photo booth frame for any occasion. Whether you’re going for a wistful, romantic look or something a little more glamorous, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to make something extra special for your next big event.


  • Medium to large frame

  • Gold craft wire

  • Styrofoam

  • Fresh flowers & greenery

  • Optional: twinkle lights, ribbons, metallic confetti


  1. Take the frame of your choice and secure the styrofoam with the gold wire to the corners that you wish to cover with flowers.

  2. Trim flower stems so they are short enough to stick into styrofoam, but not long enough to extend too far out past the edge of the frame.

  3. Add flowers and greenery of different sizes to completely cover the styrofoam. This also creates visual texture and dimension that will stand out in your photos.

  4. Finish off your frame with a few fun add-ons like ribbon or metallic confetti. Hang your frame or pass it around and voila! You’re ready for a celebration to remember!

Romantic photo booth frame prop

Use a variety of red roses, ranging from a bright candy apple red to deeper, crimson hues to create a frame worthy of gracing the cover of a romance novel. Roses, which symbolize eternal love and romance, are the perfect flower for a day of commitment and everlasting love.

Add in a few touches of baby’s breath and lush emerald shades of green to really make the universal flower of love pop. When creating this photo booth frame, keep in mind — the more dramatic, the better!

Boho chic photo booth frame prop

Channel your inner flower child by using an assortment of bright and airy blossoms. A symbol of vitality, happiness and friendship, the sunflower is perfect for a party or special event celebrating peace and love.

Incorporate smaller wildflowers such as cornflowers and daisies to create a simple and naturally pretty look. To really tie together a boho chic theme, add in interesting textures such as light fabrics or ribbons to create a unique contrast.