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New Year's Eve Jr. Party

When we think of New Years Eve we often think of sparkly dresses, champagne and silly party hats, and kissing someone special at midnight. All of those things are wonderful, but there’s something very distinct about New Years Eve that causes us to forget about including all of the kiddos in our lives in on the festivities. Well I propose that we change that. When I was in second grade, one of my friends had a New Years Eve sleepover for about 9 of us and it was so fun, that I’m still talking about it 20 years later! We made party hats, wrote our own New Year’s resolutions, and drank sparkling apple cider as we waited until midnight (or 9pm). Last year, my sister in law threw a similar par

Give the gift of glitter {ornaments}

I love Christmas just about as much as Buddy the Elf himself, but one thing I’ve tried to be better about is spending so much money around the holidays. When I was younger, I used to insist on spending upwards of $50-100 on each of my friends and it drove my mama crazy— and now I know why! Being a grown up is expensive y’all. We’re all trying our best to pay our bills (and if you’re like me, feed your Starbucks addiction), so spending hundreds of dollars on Christmas presents just really isn’t practical. That being said, I LOVE giving gifts that are heartfelt and fun. Sometimes they’re homemade, sometimes their from fellow small business creatives like myself who pour so much into their c

A Very Tacky Christmas

Everyone always says that Christmas is the season to be jolly, but in our house we view it as the season to be tacky. That’s right, I’m talking about a tacky sweater Christmas party! Don’t get me wrong, I like dressing up for the holidays every chance I get, but a chance to wear a sweater with a Santa cat that lights up and plays jingle bells— that comes but once a year. While there are tons of holiday party ideas all over the internet, these are some of my personal favorite tips and tricks. *Hold a contest for tackiest outfit. While some people will put more effort into their costumes than others, it’s hard to resist a little friendly competition. Hobby Lobby and Walmart both sell ribbo

9 Items you’re sure to forget on your wedding day

Things get forgotten, that’s life, but when things get forgotten on your wedding day, it can feel like the end of the world - trust me. One would think that as an event coordinator my wedding day would have been flawless, not an item out of place or forgotten. You would be wrong. After months of planning and mapping out every detail of my wedding day, the last thing I wanted was for someone to ask “Did you remember ___?” and for me not to have a response. Well, guess what? It did. Several times. So, in order to help ensure that your day doesn’t miss a beat and you have everything you need, take a look at the top 9 things not to forget on your wedding day! EAT! I’m going to break it to you ea