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Give the gift of glitter {ornaments}

I love Christmas just about as much as Buddy the Elf himself, but one thing I’ve tried to be better about is spending so much money around the holidays. When I was younger, I used to insist on spending upwards of $50-100 on each of my friends and it drove my mama crazy— and now I know why!

Being a grown up is expensive y’all. We’re all trying our best to pay our bills (and if you’re like me, feed your Starbucks addiction), so spending hundreds of dollars on Christmas presents just really isn’t practical. That being said, I LOVE giving gifts that are heartfelt and fun. Sometimes they’re homemade, sometimes their from fellow small business creatives like myself who pour so much into their creations that I just have to share the love.

I stumbled across this glitter ornament tutorial thanks to trusty Pinterest a few weeks ago, and absolutely fell in love. It’s no secret that I love all things bright and sparkly, with glitter being no exception. I do, however, realize that some people don’t share my sentiment because it’s so darn messy. Well folks— they’ve found a way to trick the system. This tutorial has glitter on the inside of the ornament which means, no mess. That’s right, I said it. Can you say best of both worlds?

So without further adu, here is the glitter ornament that will change your life.


-Clear ornaments, glass or plastic will work

-Pledge floor wax


-Super fine glitter


-Cupcake pan

-Paint pens

-Acryllic sealing spray

Step 1: Open the top of your ornament and place the funnel into the mouth of the ornament (you have to pop the little silver hook off of it and set it to the side).

Step 2: Pour about 1 TBSP of floor wax into the ornament and shake it around so that the entire inside is coated. Pour out any excess wax into your bowl. Place the ornament in the cupcake pan to prevent it from tipping over.

Step 3: Pour about 1-2 TSP of glitter into the inside of the ornament and shake until the inside is fully coated. (You’re going to want to put your thumb over the opening before shaking because if you accidentally forget this, you will have a giant sticky mess on your dining room table. Hypothetically.)

Step 4: Pour any of the excess glitter into the bowl and replace the top on the ornament.

Step 5: Decorate the outside with the person’s last name, year, or monogram.

TIP! Make sure you rinse off the outside of the ornaments before writing on them, because the paint pens won’t write over wax.

Step 6: Spray with the sealing spray and return to cupcake pan to dry. (You’ll want to do this outside— it doesn’t smell good)

That’s it! Seriously, it’s so easy. I was able to make 12 in about 20 minutes— and everybody has time for that! This is great to do as a favor for your holiday party, teacher gifts, or for all of your neighbors— done and done.

Happy crafting!

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