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Inclusive event planning in North Carolina, Virginia and beyond!

Event and Weddings often have more moving parts than you ever thought were possible.  As the host of a party you take on a new role, and everyone has questions that need to be answered.  Are you having a classic indoor dinner party or will you dance the night away under the stars?  What will be served? Will you do a first look?  How about a garter, bouquet or pet toss?  What even is a pet toss???

Gatherings have evolved since Covid-19 and couples are throwing the most unique and meaningful events to date.  Through the years, we've been continuous students of the ways gatherings have changed and we're forever honored to stand beside our clients while they craft their own.

What do event planners do?

Planning fallacy is REAL.! 


We humans have a tendency to forget that tasks generally become more complicated in practice than they were in our heads and we also underestimate the resources (time, money, sanity!) a task will take.  But look, it's not our fault; we have such good intentions! We're optimistic beings, and that sometimes means we bite off more than we can chew and end up shaking our fists at the sky or crying in the shower (or both). So, when when it comes to projects that require multiple steps and people, a substantial monetary investment and a smidge of pressure (ahem, like events), why make it harder than it needs to be? Let us help.


 “...we wanted to prioritize choosing vendors who were from communities of color, LGBTQ+ friendly, and vendors who prioritized social justice and inclusive spaces. Every time we asked her for a recommendation, she delivered. Thinking back to our wedding day, you could just feel the love and joy in the room and there's no doubt in our minds that Meagan and Magnolia Collective were a huge part in bringing together the perfect team for us on the most special day in our lives.”

venue: The Cloth Mill at Eno River
photo: Amber Robinson


“She introduced us to the MOST amazing vendors (her circle and reputation in the wedding industry in the Triangle speaks volumes to her integrity in the field) and walked us through every step of the way. 

I was in Iowa when I got engaged with my fiancé in North Carolina. Our families and bridal party were super helpful and supportive, but they are also spread out over the country. Meagan was our boots on the ground, coordinating vendor visits on the few weekends I was able to come into town, managing conference calls with me a time zone behind, and keeping us on track with everything.”

venue: The Bradford 
photo: Mina von Feilitzsch

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“Everything was taken care of which allowed me to truly enjoy the day to the fullest. She was so much fun to work with as well, she kept me laughing and calm through everything. It felt like I was working with a friend, and that is what Meagan became to me throughout this process - a friend. I would recommend Meagan and Magnolia Collective to anyone and everyone. “

venue: Barn of Chapel Hill
photo: Stephanie Axtell

with a planner

Design assistance

Realistic timeline and floorplan

Cost saving strategies

Vetted vendor recommendations

Rental guidance & reviews

Realistic budget guidance

Solid rain plan for your season

Ceremony rehearsal

Seating chart do's and don'ts

Invitation and place card etiquette

Décor repurposing ideas

A point person and advocate

A team of seasoned hospitality professionals working for you

without a planner

Timing issues

Logistic issues

Not sure what rentals are necessary

Not sure which décor elements will enhance your event

Often over budget 

Not sure who does what

No contingency/weather plan

In the dark about seating

Friends and family can't truly be guests

Important details fall through the cracks

Post event responsibilities

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