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Done is better than perfect.

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Jenna Kutcher and her social media teaching methods. Although not a wedding photographer, I have gained so much value from her online trainings and now also her podcast.

One of the greatest things that has resonated with me lately, is her concept that “done is better than perfect.”

As someone who combats OCD and tendencies and perfectionism, this is certainly something that is easier said that done. However, after years of feeling almost crippled by the ideas I have had rather than energized by them, I decided to adopt this mantra and just start getting stuff done.

I am the type of person that is a BIG fan of research, so typically, I will come up with an idea, and then research the -you know what- out of it, to make sure that it’s something that hasn’t already been done before (or if it HAS been sone before, how can I improve upon it). Typically speaking however, once I finish the research phase, I get overwhelmed with next steps, and table the idea for a later date.

But in the spirit of adopting this mentality of ‘done is better than perfect’, I decided earlier this year that I needed to put my money where my mouth was, so to speak. You see, last year I hired an administrative assistant, with the intention of taking smaller tasks off of my plate in order to free myself up for more of these larger “some day” projects.

With Becca being adjusted into her role, and my schedule having some breathing room for the first time in years, I decided that is was time to make use of the fact that I was paying someone to help us grow, and actually DO something to help us grow.

Two years ago, I was terrified to outsource any of our projects and share the workload, and now we have a staff of 14, so I have hopes that this new shift in my work mentality will be similar.

Although it’s far from a perfect science, I am actively making an effort to not allow myself to be crippled by the few of failure, but instead to continually develop, grow, and try new things. I’m sure that not everything will be a success, but at least I will be able to look back and say that I tried my best, and I pushed myself to be better.

Wish me luck!

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