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The Magnolia Grove Experience: Then to Now

When I started A Touch of Class Weddings and Events nearly three years ago, the goal was to assist couples in a way that other planners weren’t. I had grown up in the world of catering and large-scale events, and was quite often struck by the notion that there were few people out there who specialized in “tying it all together” by offering multiple services.

There are a ton of wedding planners out there today-- and I know that by the time I hit ‘publish’ on this blog post, there will probably be a dozen more. So what makes Magnolia Grove different than the rest of the planners out there? For us, it’s that “we can make that happen for you” attitude. Does that mean more work-- oftentimes, yes. But it’s most important for us to create an experience that meets the individual need of each of our clients, and for that, the extra work is worth it.

Within the first year, I received the first inquiry for a wedding on a day when we were already booked, and I had a decision to make. The quick and easy answer was to reply with the “I’m so sorry, but we’re unavailable on that day” response, but I knew that it was also an opportunity. I reached out to one of my dear friends and sorority sisters from college, and asked if she’d be interested in coming on board as a second planner. She heard me out, wasn’t afraid of a challenge, and agreed to come on board with me.

A few months later, we added a second assistant, and then a third. We received a request to offer bartenders at a wedding, so we opted to add them to our staff as well. When Lee and I got engaged, I began looking for someone to assist me with decor rentals and calligraphy services, and before long, we were offering those services as well.

I attended a conference a few months ago, and one of the speakers encouraged us to listen to our customers, and to offer what they asked for, rather than what we as business owners set out to do. Three years ago if you had asked me what my business would look like, I would have never expected a staff of 12 and an a la carte planning service that caters to the individualized needs of each client.

Is our process perfect? Of course not. But are we always trying to improve, listen to our brides, and create a completely individualized experience based around their needs? Each and every day. So if there’s something you’re looking for and don’t quite know where to look-- we encourage you to start your search with us. Because if we can’t help you, I promise that we’ll work to find someone who can!

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