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The Wedding Planner

Some people have an unrealistic perception of what a wedding planner is. Are they there to make your day run more smoothly and to answer questions in a moment of crisis? Absolutely. Are they there to be your slave into work around the clock to ensure that you do not have to make a single decision regarding your special day? Not exactly.

I think that social media and pop culture today does the wedding industry a disservice. People grow up wanting to be as cool at JLO was in The Wedding Planner, and want to spend their days sipping on champagne with brides. But the fact of the matter is, this job is not glamorous.

Some days we need to clean bird poop off of chairs before guests arrive. Other days, a catering company might not have the staff needed in order to bus plates throughout the reception, at which point, that becomes our job.

As a wedding planner, you promise a couple when you sign a contract with them, saying that you will fill in the gap‘s. That if other vendors don’t perform as you feel that they should, we will step up. So while it may appear as if a wedding planner is there to lineup a bridal party and ensure that vendors arrive on time, it is so much more than that.

My biggest pet peeve as a wedding professional, is when I hear people say “that is not my job description.” As a planner, anything can become part of our description at some point in time. And while it might not be glamorous, the joy that we are able to bring to our couples is something that is unmatched.

Does that sometimes mean that we will have to bring in additional staff in order to get the job done? Sometimes. But will we do whatever it takes to put on the event of your dreams? Absolutely.

There are so many moving parts involved in hosting a wedding, and oftentimes people assume that things are our job that typically aren’t-- and that’s okay. What is most important to us is that our clients receive exceptional service and are fully satisfied with their day, even if that means doing the jobs that no one else wants to do.

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