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Wedding Registry Dos and Don'ts

Registering for wedding items can be equal parts exciting and stressful. While it certainly seems like a dream come true to walk through Target scanning everything you want people to buy for you, it’s also a process of great compromise for you and your future spouse.

For many couples, registering for wedding gifts is one of the first large tasks that the groom is asked to actively participate in. Because of this brides, you must come with your patience. While you may not want to see a registry full of the Star Wars DVD collector set, it is important to remember that these are gifts for them as well.

Quality Over Quantity:

One important thing to remember is not to register for items just to “get more stuff”. Many couples today enter a marriage coming from two fully furnished homes, and simply don’t need entirely new flatware or sets of towels. Still others live together before getting married and have the opportunity to start gathering items for their shared home prior to getting engaged. While it may be tempting to continually scan items as you walk down the aisles at Target, you also run the risk of registering for numerous items that you don’t really want or need.

Don’t Register for Duplicates:

A habit that I have seen several brides do as of late, is register for the same items at multiple places. In my opinion, it just seems like this is more work for you as a couple at the front end, and increases the chances of having to make returns after the wedding.

One rule of thumb that I always recommend, is if multiple places you’re registered at offer the same item, register for the less expensive one. I don’t know about you, but I love a good deal— and I’d like to share that opportunity with guests any chance I get!

Register for Gifts in Different Price Points:

While registering for gifts is admittedly a lot of fun, it’s important to be courteous of all of your guests and their various income levels. Between the engagement parties, showers, and the wedding gift itself— weddings are expensive for your guests too! That’s not even considering the cost of travel and accommodations.

The average guest will spend $50-150 on wedding gifts for the couple during their engagement. By registering for numerous pricey items, you are running the risk of a great number of registry items going non-purchased. You can certainly register for a handful of larger items, but just keep in mind that family members may chip in on a gift together, rather than footing the bill entirely on their own.

Gift Cards are Great:

When all else fails, don’t be afraid to register for gift cards as well. This is a great alternative for guests who would like to contribute to one of those larger ticket items, as well as for those who just don’t find anything on the registry that appeals to them as something they’d like to buy.

A Final Word of Advice:

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, our fellas just don’t get excited about gifts of flatware and matching wine glasses like we do. When it comes to things like couples showers and if you’re lucky, having your fella help to write some of those thank you notes— the more invested he is in the gifts you received, the better your chances that he may write a few of those for you.

So relinquish control of those scanners every once and a while, and let your fella run down the tool aisle like a kid in a candy store. This is just as much his wedding as it is yours, and the gifts you register for should be ones that you both will be excited for. Happy Shopping!

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