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The DIY Bride Guide

When I first opened my business, I was not setting my prices for profitability, but just to get couples to book with us and trust that we knew what we were talking about. But as the company began to grow and the phone began to ring, it became apparent that there was no way I could continue to work 70+ hours a week for what worked out to be about $4/hour.

So as a part of the natural order of things, we needed to raise our prices. While a necessary part of growing a business, I was conflicted about the fact there were couples who were in need of our assistance, but could no longer afford to hire us.

This is where the idea for The DIY Bride Guide first came to be. While I hadn’t yet ironed out the details, I knew that I wanted to provide a resource for brides who could not afford a full service coordinator, but knew that they needed assistance with the planning process.

Although it’s in no way my intention to undercut other planners, there are hundreds of couples who are overwhelmed with the planning process, and simply don’t know where to begin. We have couples almost weekly who ask for day of coordination services, without understanding that day of coordinating is like the mystical unicorn of the wedding planning world.

No one can truly walk into a wedding the day before a wedding that has been painstakingly planned for months on end, and learn everything that needs to be done effectively in less than 12 hours. So I began making a list of all the things that we ask our couples for, in order to make their day run as effectively as possible. I created templates, timelines, budget worksheets, and FAQ pages-- all in hopes of creating a workbook that is truly comprehensive.

Additionally, I realized that one of the most beneficial conversations we have with our couples occurs about a month before the wedding, at their venue walk through. It’s the first time we’re all able to be in the space and see all of the small details come together-- which is why we also added a consultation hour into our bride guide package, which would allow couples to ask any questions that they may have about the planning process.

Couples may choose to hire a family friend or a day of coordinator who aligns more closely with their budget, or they may choose have a member of our team step in the weekend of the wedding for a discounted rate. Regardless, the workbook and consultation time will both be theirs to keep and aid whoever steps in to aid with making the wedding day a success.

It is my hope that this will not only allow us to reach more couples and aid them in the wedding planning process, but also to provide a resource that is both user friendly and will aid in the planning process. If you or someone you know is in search of some wedding planning assistance, we hope you will send them our way!

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