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Partial Service Planning and Coordination

Venue - Restaurant - Hotel - Beach - Private Residence - Multiple Locations

Want to plan most of your wedding, but still feel like a fish out of water?

Partial Service Planning and Coordination

You've booked your venue and pinned hundreds of ideas to your Pinterest board- now what?

Whether you need assistance in booking your vendors, managing your budget, or fine-tuning the overall design, our partial service package is an excellent choice to ensure that the design and logistics are in place for a stress-free day.

This package allows for full service planning and coordination coverage in all aspects; full vendor vetting, attendance at and ongoing communication for all vendor meetings. Regular progress check ins, budget progress guidance and check ins, and extended coordination. Additionally, this also INCLUDES Cultural Celebrations/Multi Day Event Planning and Coordination (ie; welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, mehndi ceremonies), to allow for seamless communication and planning of all things wedding. There is a clear financial starting point, with a closely monitored budget, and elevated service.

If you need a bit more hands-on help throughout the process and design, but still want to be involved in all decision making, Partial Service is a great option!

16% contract service fee
minimum/average charge $6400/$384 per month*
*monthly payment based on 11 payments after retainer

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