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A Socially Distant 4th

While some elements of life are returning to normal as we deal with the lingering effects of COVID19, summer activities and celebrations loom on the horizon with questions about what best practices will allow us to celebrate with family and friends safely. Phase 2 restrictions on social gatherings allow up to 25 people to gather outdoors, or 10 to gather indoors. While most 4th of July celebrations tend to be cookouts or small gatherings of friends, the good news is that with these restrictions, those celebrations can still happen! I’ve included some tips and tricks for displaying your food and beverage options for the day, to reduce the risk of any cross contamination to keep things clean

Affording a life you love

There is something to be said for getting everything taken away from you, that allows you to refocus and reset on truly what’s most important. When I first learned that my ex husband had been cheating on me, I called my mom and said a phrase I will never forget: “I couldn’t leave if I wanted to-- I can’t afford to be on my own.” Y'all, in order to truly grasp this statement, I need to fill you in on my family a bit more. My mom was one of 7 kids, and her dad passed away suddenly, when her youngest sister was six years old. My grandmother was a single female business owner and the mother of seven kids. My dad left us when I was 11, and my mom continued to raise a know-it-all pre-teen while

A Love That's Not Fragile

Last Christmas, I went to see Frozen 2 at a matinee in between client meetings, and cried like a baby when Kristoff’s character turned to Ana and told her that his love was not fragile, and that he wasn’t going anywhere. Admittedly, I was in an overly emotional season, as I juggled preparing for the holidays, signing divorce papers, and a new relationship that I was completely terrified would crumble. And guess what y’all— it did crumble. It was like I had willed it into existence with all of my fears and anxiety that it wouldn’t last— and then one day, it just went away. As if the foundation that had been built never mattered. You know why— because it was fragile. A few days after seeing

Steps to Changing Your Last Name

There is a seemingly simple process for getting your name legally changed after you say I do. Fun Fact though: I tried getting my name legally changed and it never actually worked, so you may want to follow up on it when all is said and done! 1. Social Security Card. The first thing you will need to do is to apply for a name change at the Social Security office. You will need to bring a copy of your current Social Security card, as well as a copy of your marriage license-- which can be picked up at the Register of Deeds Office. 2. DMV. Once the new card comes in (supposedly in 2 weeks time, unless you have my luck apparently), you can go and apply for a new Driver’s License. You will need

The MG Bride

I am a firm believer in the fact that there is enough work to go around, and not every client is going to be the perfect fit for our team, or us for them. Often we get asked what "our ideal client" is and I thought it was time that we really put out in the universe what the perfect fit for our team looks like. Also note, that while I will use “she” in this post, we welcome all couples and look forward to celebrating with all of them. The MG bride is more excited about her marriage than her wedding day. She’s excited about the day, but realizes that it’s not the end goal, but rather the starting point of the rest of her life. She wants to host a party reflective of her love, not her Pinteres