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The stigma of marriage counseling.

When Lee and I were engaged, there is a member of our bridal party who told me somewhat ineloquently, that she felt we needed to go to premarital counseling, otherwise our marriage would not last. While so many people tell you that the engagement. Is beautiful and fun, it is also stressful – so this “advice” was not received with the same level of gratitude that was anticipated. That being said, six months into marriage, my husband and I realized that there was something missing. While we knew we love each other, building a life together when you are so inherently different it’s hard. I had worked 16 hour days for as long as I could remember, while my husband had built a life that allowed hi

The First Year.

As a wedding planner, I am in the business of love stories. Learning about how a couple met, how he proposed, where they’re going on their honeymoon-- it’s all a part of the process we go through when getting to know each of our couples. While we so often talk about how stressful planning a wedding can be, I think that something that oftentimes gets pushed aside is the subject of the first year of marriage, and some of the unexpected trials that are bound to arise. For traditional couples, they are moving in together either right before or right after the wedding. Although this may seem like a super fun and exciting time, believe me when I say, that it can also be incredibly stressful and

Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Bash

So you’re going to be in a wedding. You’ve ordered the bridesmaid dress, requested for the day off work the day before the wedding to accommodate travel, and checked in with the bride about how you can help take things off of her plate. Regardless of whether you’re the maid of honor, it’s important for the entire bridal party to work together to ensure that the bachelorette weekend runs smoothly. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that it’s as successful as possible: -Ask the bride what she wants to do. While the bride may or may not want a hand in the actual planning of the party, it is important to at least check in with her about what she would like to do, and when she would like

Steps to Changing Your Last Name

Full disclosure before I go any further-- Lee and I have been married for nearly two years, and I have yet to complete these steps. . (To be fair, I DID go to the Social Security office to begin the process, and never received my completed paperwork-- but more on that in a bit). Here is a seemingly simple process for getting your name legally changed after you say I do. 1. Social Security Card. The first thing you will need to do is to apply for a name change at the Social Security office. You will need to bring a copy of your current Social Security card, as well as a copy of your marriage license-- which can be picked up at the Register of Deeds Office. 2. DMV. Once the new card comes in

The Business Baby

Oftentimes, there is a look of shock, disappointment, or even disdain when we tell people that Lee and I aren’t planning to have kids. While it is a definite plus for so many wedding planning professionals to be able to stay at home with their kids during the week, that was never a part of our planning when I decided to start Magnolia Grove. I have always been very career driven-- so much so, in fact, that we often joke that Lee would gladly be a 'stay at home dog dad' if given the opportunity. The reality of our lives is that we are both self-motivated business owners, who love to travel and invest nearly all of our additional time and energy back into our businesses. While that leads to