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Meagan Culkin

Meagan Culkin

Owner, Lead Planner and Designer

I started coordinating weddings 11 years ago, and have worked on hundreds of weddings and events since then. I'm passionate about serving couples who are stressed out, burned out, struggling with their vision, or just need a second opinion on how things look. Whether that's taking something off of your plate or standing by your side and creating it with you-- I'm happy to help.

I believe there's a place for everyone here, and want to do whatever I can to bring your unique visions to life.​ And while I absolutely love being present on a wedding day, I am also aware that we can best serve our clients by leading with our strengths-- and that looks like this amazing team.

While I will continue to serve our design and full service clients, this amazing team of ladies who have been working behind the scenes for years to bring events to life, are stepping up into the spotlight and will be working to provide more 1:1 customized client experiences. We will continue to work as a team on projects, to bring our individual strengths to each event.

Some couples need help with logistics, while others need help with design. Some want a planner that is also their best friend, and some want someone to operate behind the scenes to get the job done. Whatever that looks like for you-- we've got someone amazing on the team who can help. There is no one "right way" to plan an event-- we just want to find the way that's right for you.


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