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The MG Bride

I am a firm believer in the fact that there is enough work to go around, and not every client is going to be the perfect fit for our team, or us for them.

Often we get asked what "our ideal client" is and I thought it was time that we really put out in the universe what the perfect fit for our team looks like.

Also note, that while I will use “she” in this post, we welcome all couples and look forward to celebrating with all of them.

The MG bride is more excited about her marriage than her wedding day. She’s excited about the day, but realizes that it’s not the end goal, but rather the starting point of the rest of her life.

She wants to host a party reflective of her love, not her Pinterest board. Will there be beautiful elements incorporated into her day? Absolutely. But we never want to create a wedding day that’s an exact replica of someone else’s Pinterest board, because that’s not a reflection of our couple. Our goal, instead, is to use it as an inspiration that will ultimately lead us to creating a personalized and beautiful day.

She trusts our team. While we always want to create designs that reflect our couple, it’s also our job to present them with beautiful ideas that perhaps they haven’t considered yet. Sometimes this means bringing in another planner on the team other than Meagan to help, because we feel that they will provide the best, most personalized experience for the couple.

She wants to be a guest at her own wedding. Although excited to be included in the planning process, she wants to sit back and let it go on the wedding day, so she is able to take it all in and enjoy the process. She trusts our team to know her well enough by the wedding day, so be able to make informed decisions on her behalf that she will be happy with.

We will form a friendship with her and her partner that will stretch long past the wedding weekend. Ultimately, it is our goal to maintain relationships with our couples long after their wedding day, and to be able to help with ALL of the important celebrations in their lives after they say I do.

As a planner, I think it’s so important to be able to reflect on the things that fill your cup and bring joy to your creative process, and for us, it’s the relationships that we have the opportunity to build along the way. We’re totally aware that not every couple will be our client, and we are forever grateful for the ones who DO meet us and feel as though we can make their wedding day visions a reality!

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