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Arika Jordan Photography

Weddings & Events

How Can A Planner Help? 


  • Making it so you only have one point of contact versus 15+ vendors

  • Using our planner connections and relationships to get faster responses on availability and quotes from potential vendors you want to use


  • A wedding planner allows you to enjoy the fun parts of planning a wedding (food, music, custom details) while we handle the logistics (contract review, timeline planning, vendor logistics coordination)

  • A wedding planner will provide etiquette guidance, timeline tips, and ways to personalize your wedding so you don’t find yourself drowning and lost in Google and Pinterest every night.


  • Providing recommendations not just off a list but customized to your style, personality, top priorities, and budget

  • Providing insight on realistic costs for items

  • Reaching out to vendors and gathering quotes and helping you pick the right team based on their expertise

Family Dynamics:

  • Helping make sure your wedding day is about YOU and what you want and not overly-opinionated family members

  • Helping you navigate some of those sticky situations that come up when trying to plan a wedding with multiple decision makers

  • Bringing the calm energy to stressful situations and providing an unbiased expert opinion during the planning process


  • Providing knowledge of the area and vendors/venues to work with

  • Brainstorming ideas to keep your guests occupied before and after the main events of their stay

  • Peace of mind that gift bags for guests will be ready upon your arrival


  • Take your initial ideas and level them up with additional creativity and inspiration

  • Bring to life ideas that you won't find on Pinterest and that incorporate the story of you and your partner

  • Source design elements from multiple locations and make sure the wedding makes sense and doesn’t feel like a hodge-podge collection of ideas thrown together

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