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Wedding Management

Venue - Restaurant - Hotel

You're doing all the planning, but you don't know who will make the sparkler sendoff happen...

Wedding Management

Since the day you got engaged, you've been working tirelessly to make sure that everything would be perfect for your wedding day. Now it's time for you to pass the baton, and let our team handle the logistics of bringing your day to life! This level of service is ideal for couples that have the desire, time, and bandwidth to do most of the planning themselves. Optimal for couple that have already begun planning and have secured their venue, catering, florals, and rentals.

We'll meet with you to learn about your vision and scope of the event, connect you with resources, and let you fly! When it's time to "land the plane" we'll reconnect to help tie up any loose ends and take over. The majority of our work together takes place around 90days before your wedding, and on the big day, we run the show so your family and friends can truly enjoy themselves and not be put to work.

If you are creative, organized and enjoy a bit of a challenge, Wedding Management may be just right.

Starts at $3399/$281 per month*
*monthly payment based on 8 payments after retainer

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