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The teacher that became the student

Katie joined our team during a tumultuous season of my life, and the fire that our relationship was forged in has made her one of the dearest people I have come to know. The day I met Katie, was when I was going to speak at her Hospitality UNI class about “A day in the life of a wedding planner.” What she, nor anyone else in the class knew, was that about 12 hours before, I had learned that my husband had slept with one of our former brides. To say that I was shocked, hurt, and devastated would not do true justice to the things I was feeling on that day in September. But in times of trouble, I have found that I work best if I can stay busy, so I opted to continue with the speaking engageme

You CAN Sit With Us

A few months ago, I was at an event targeted towards newly engaged couples, and I met a young woman who was seemingly pretty overwhelmed about the idea of planning her wedding. For the sake of this story, we will call her Maggie. The more I chatted with Maggie, the more I got the sense that she had been burned by a few, if not several, wedding vendors before this conversation. I could tell she was anxious to ask me something, and when I finally just called her on it, she said “Is it a problem for you that I am Indian and my fiance is black? Because I know that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.” Y'all. Hold my purse while I climb up on this soapbox, would you? It is 2020. If two conse

Wedding Postponements due to COVID-19: A Planner’s Perspective

2020 was supposed to be a record breaking year for the events industry. The average wedding cost was projected to range from 35-41K, with an average guest count of 140 or more. And then, coronavirus happened. That is not to say that COVIS-19 just ‘snuck up on us.’ Like so many, I had been following along in the news as it made its way through China, Italy, and the west coast, but I can honestly say that I didn’t expect it to affect the events industry the way that it did. Within a matter of days, hundreds of corporate events, concerts and other large scale gatherings were either completely canceled, or postponed. What’s more, the window of what events were deemed allowable dramatically s

The Social Distancing Egg Hunt

If you’ve spent any time with me, you probably know that Easter is my favorite holiday. Growing up, it was the one time a year that my dad’s family all came to visit. My grandma cooked for several days in preparations, my grandpa cooked a pig and invited the neighbors, and we had a massive easter egg hunt after church on Sunday morning. Well, as I’m sure you can imagine, none of those things can happen in the season that is COVID-19. And while that can be sad and overwhelming, I think it’s still important to find reasons to celebrate in this season of uncertainty-- hence, my idea for the social distancing egg hunt. First of all, if you are blessed to come from a large family and there are s

The Pivot

As event industry professionals, we are often asked to think on our toes-- and pivot. A hurricane changes course, and suddenly your outdoor reception for 200 needs to move inside. A groomsmen tears his pants 5 minutes before the bridal party is introduced into the reception, and you have about 2 minutes to make a stranger disrobe in a hallway, so you can hastily stitch his pants back together. It’s no secret that the stories that come out of the events industry are awe-inspiring on a good day-- but unfortunately, our industry hasn’t been seeing many good days recently. Seemingly overnight, thousands of small business owners and members of the hospitality industry started receiving frantic