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On Traveling WITHOUT a Broken Heart.

It’s no secret that I absolutely love to travel. It’s how I refuel when I’m burned out and in need of a reset. But while Instagram makes it look like my adventures around the world have always been magical and carefree, the truth is that many of them occurred while I was nursing a broken heart. The day I left for Ireland was my second anniversary, and was exactly 8 days after I learned that my husband had been cheating on me. I planned the trip in a bit of a daze, and while the country was astoundingly beautiful and brought me so much joy— there were still many days spent sad and weepy as I checked a phone that wasn’t ringing, and wondered what I would be traveling back home to. Only a few

It Takes a Village: The Benefits of a Collaborative Vendor Experience

Anyone who has ever toured a wedding venue can attest to the beloved preferred vendor list: it can make or break the experience for both the couple and the venue, so who they select to be a part of theirs is imperative. When we first began planning events in the triangle, I felt as though the preferred vendor list was about a popularity contest, and as though I would never be ‘cool enough’ to make the cut. What I soon learned however, was that it’s about so much more than that. I like to attribute your wedding vendors like pieces of a pie-- stay with me on this one, I started as a baker, remember? Okay, so you have about 12 wedding vendors who are going to be working together on your weddin

First things first, you're engaged now!

...and if you didn’t read that title in the tune of “I’m So Fancy,” please go back and read it again. Great, glad we got that out of the way. Second, congratulations! Being newly engaged is SO exciting. Pinterest goes from some random boards we pinned to when we were procrastinating in college to a lifeline to the hottest wedding trends-- it’s an exciting time, for sure. You’ve probably gotten a fresh manicure, snapchatted all of your friends the new bling, and spent hours emailing your favorite wedding pros asking for their pricing. And now…. what, exactly? Make. A. Budget. Boo. I know, I’m upset too. But we can’t help you unless we know what we’re working with? If you’re in the sout