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Our Top 10 Wedding Moments of 2019:

As 2019 comes to a close, we wanted to reminisce on some of our favorite moments from the past year. #10 The cornhole boards K + B were one of our favorite couples to work with, because they not only trusted us with so many decisions about their big day, but they also wanted to integrate personal elements throughout the day that was a true refection of their life. By far, our favorite element of the day were the hand painted corn hole boards from Junco Pine Arts of their two dogs, which proved to be equally beautiful and a lovely memento of the day. #9 The sand ceremony When A + S told us that they would be having a sand ceremony, we didn’t give it a second thought, as that is a rather commo

Have yourself a stress-free Christmas

As someone who chooses to stay in pajamas for 90% of Christmas Day, with or without family coming to visit, I can completely understand how stressful hosting for the holidays can be. Whether you’re dividing your time between in-laws for the first time, or have put off wrapping gifts until Christmas Eve, the thought of having to have a clean house on top of everything is more than a little daunting. That being said, I stand by the fact that even if you’re playing hostess, you can still enjoy the holiday! Take a breath. No matter how much I love Pinterest, I realize that there is a time and a place to host a Pinterest-perfect party, and Christmas Day doesn’t have to be one of those. Between

On Building the MG team

When I was about to start my third year as a planner, I encountered a problem I hadn’t before: we received an inquiry for day of coordination for a wedding date that was already taken. I know that this seems a bit late in the game, and somewhat inevitable, but you have to remember that I started as a baker, and later transitioned into a catering manager position, so if I received multiple inquiries for the same day, the chances were good that we were going to accommodate both. But the first time that an inquiry came in requesting that I be there for day of coordination, I had a choice to make. Clearly the easier choice would be to turn the second inquiry down. But the alternative option was