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Welcome Bags- Worth It?

There were several things that I said I would not spend the money on as a bride, and then turned right around and ate my words. Creating Welcome Bags for our out of town guests was one of those things. Let me first say, that when you have to buy multiples of anything, the cost adds up rather quickly. However, there are ways to create a thoughtful and unique welcome bag for your guests without completely breaking the bank. Make a Plan. Your guests don’t expect you to spend $30+ on each welcome bag, so don’t be afraid to set a budget and stick to it. Make a list of a few items that reflect the theme of the wedding, the personalities of you and your spouse, or just basic weekend essentials a

On outsourcing and passion projects.

As a wedding planner, I’m supposed to have all the answers. As a boss, I’m supposed to always be organized and on top of things. As a wife, I’m supposed to maintain a clean household and be attentive to my husband and family. Do you know what I’m naturally good at? Passion projects. I think of things that haven’t been created before I put everything I have into those things. The natural day-to-day mundane details? That’s not my strength. If it is something that needs to be accomplished on a regular basis – I need to outsource it. When I began working from home, I had this constant sense of anxiety over the fact that I couldn’t clean the house, cook dinner, and still get done all that was on

On being a multi passionate person.

My mentor in high school and I would butt heads a lot. He taught me for two full years of high school, because I was constantly taking independent studies or AP classes, that only he had the jurisdiction to teach. While I was always a good student, I was never the first in the class. He would be hard on me, because he always knew that if I spend a little bit more time studying, I could be. On one occasion, I remember him telling me that everyone had 24 hours in a day, and I CHOSE not to study in those 24 hours – so the 86 that I made on my test was my own fault. I remember feeling so angry that I wanted to cry— because I had always push myself to do so much. By “so much”, I don’t just mean i

Stressed not Pregnant.

On a handful of occasions over the last two years, I have had people very close to me accidentally put their foot in their mouths, when they accidentally mistook my weight gain for pregnancy weight. While this can happen to any female who is in their mid to late twenties, particularly those who are recently married, that never makes the comment sting any less. It is no secret that I have struggled with my weight for the last 20 years of my life. Sometimes the number on the scale is high, sometimes it’s low— but assuredly I’m always unhappy with how I look. I always had this idea in my head that I would be happier “when I got a boyfriend, when I got engaged, when I got married…” Well news fl