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Letting Your Guests Be Guests

Now let me first say, that when my husband and I got married, we did have a family friend step in to oversee the logistics of the ceremony-- but that was primarily because my staff at the time was a team of 2, and they were already going to be helping in other aspects of the wedding weekend. That being said, if I had the staff then that I have now, I absolutely would have utilized a professional to orchestrate our big day for several reasons: It prevents them from being able to fully partake in the day. While it can be tempting to cut corners wherever possible, you are doing your friends and family members a disservice by not fully allowing them to celebrate with you as a guest. Think abou

Tipping Etiquette for your Vendors

Although tipping can often fall low on the priority list in terms of things to prepare in advance, it is often one of the questions we get the MOST from parents the week of the wedding. While tipping amounts often vary, here are a few pointers that we like to share with our couples as general rules to follow: If the owner of the company is present at your wedding (i.e. photographer, lead wedding planner, etc), it’s more customary to give a gift than a monetary tip. If there is an associate planner or photographer is present, a $50-100 tip is fair. Officiants don’t have to be tipped, but a donation to the church is recommended. Hair and makeup artists should be tipped 15-20%. For plated mea

Loving Yourself Now

As someone who struggled with eating disorders for the better part of 7 years, I realize the irony in posting a blog about loving yourself-- but I have come to believe that because I have struggled for so long, is why you should listen to me. When I was 15 and a size 4, I wanted to be a size 2. When I was 19 and a size 6, I wanted to be a size 4. I have spent over a decade of my life wanting to look the way I looked yesterday and quite frankly, I’m over it. We spend so much of our lives wishing we made more money, made more time to go to the gym, chose salads a few more times instead of fries-- but y’all, we’ve got to cut ourselves a break! I know that I for one, work about 70 hours a week

The Cool Kid's Table

I’m not going to lie to you- I was popular in high school. I had a great group of friends, I got along with my teachers, and I made good grades. For all intensive purposes, I had it made. But when I became a business owner, it was as if I had started high school all over again-- this time, as the awkward new kid, possibly even the girl who had been homeschooled for the past 15 years (yes, that was a reference to Mean Girls). All of a sudden, I was forced into these “networking opportunities”, that were designed with the purpose of making small business owners feel like part of a group, but instead left me feeling shaken and alone. I would walk into a room and immediately feel as though my