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5 tasks to do before the wedding day to make setup easier

Planning a wedding often results in endless to do lists and constantly feeling as though you will never get it all done. It is easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in the moment, but there are a few huge time saving tips that will go a long way on the wedding day. Pre-fold your napkins. This is one of the biggest faux pas I see on a wedding day, and it can make or break how the rest of the day is going to go. Now don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that folding napkins for hours the night before your wedding probably isn’t your idea of a good time-- but think of it this way: if you have 200 guests and 1 day of coordinator, your planner could spend the better part of two hours fol

Wedding Shows- Know Before You Go

Engagement season is officially upon us, which means that wedding shows are popping up every time you turn around. While you may be jumping at the opportunity to register for giveaways and sip on champagne all day, there are a few key tips that can make or break your wedding show experience. Pre-Register for the show. Y’all, weddings are expensive, and the more money you can save along the way, the better. 90% of the time, you can save money by buying your tickets in advance. Even if you decide to go at the last minute, buy your ticket online so you don’t have to wait in the long line to register at the door. Make a plan. Typically, the vendors that are going to have booths at the show w

Losing Lola

About a year ago, I worked the hardest wedding of my career. I was working in Greensboro, so I was staying at a hotel when my phone rang early the morning of the wedding. I was surprised to see my husband’s number, considering the fact that he typically sleeps until noon on weekends when given the option, but hearing the emotion in his voice made me sit bolt upright in bed. The long and short of it was that our youngest dog Lola had gotten out the night before, and was hit by a drunk driver. Lee was able to get to her in time to say goodbye, and dear friends of ours went with him to help bury her-- which is something I will forever be grateful for. While I immediately went into crisis mo

Beer, It's What's for Brunch

I know that most people think of mimosas and bloody Mary bars when the topic of brunch arises, but I say why follow the crowd? With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I think that a beer brunch sound much more appealing (and you may even be able to get the guys excited to join in!) While Guinness is the traditional Irish stout which is associated with the holiday, that’s not to say that you have to limit yourself to just stouts! We are fortunate enough to have 2 craft beer stores and a brewery in Wilson alone, so we’re certainly not without local options. Now the way I see it, celebrating this beer drinking holiday can go several different ways. Although certainly not an exclusive