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The Magnolia Grove Experience: Then to Now

When I started A Touch of Class Weddings and Events nearly three years ago, the goal was to assist couples in a way that other planners weren’t. I had grown up in the world of catering and large-scale events, and was quite often struck by the notion that there were few people out there who specialized in “tying it all together” by offering multiple services. There are a ton of wedding planners out there today-- and I know that by the time I hit ‘publish’ on this blog post, there will probably be a dozen more. So what makes Magnolia Grove different than the rest of the planners out there? For us, it’s that “we can make that happen for you” attitude. Does that mean more work-- oftentimes, ye

Are you ready for some football?

Seating. If you have decided to host a party of your own, the next most important step after the food is making sure you have enough seating for everyone. This seems pretty obvious, but you would be surprised. If you invite 25 people over and you only have a love seat in your living room-- don’t be surprised if everyone doesn’t stay through the end of the game. That being said, you don’t have to have stadium seating to make your viewing area comfortable for your guests. Move some extra chairs into the room, borrow some folding chairs, or maybe even create a pallet of pillows and blankets on the floor. As long as the screen is viewable and the volume is loud enough, your guests will be oka

Rebranding with Intention

So I don’t know about y’all, but I am harder on myself than probably anyone in the world. I was raised by a single, hustle in heels, girl boss of a mama who raised me to follow my dreams and to seek joy in whatever it was that I chose to do. Despite her best efforts though, I have always struggled with my personal image and worried about what everyone thought about me. I opened my first business when I was a junior in college— it was an online bakery called Sweet Creations. We specialized in cake pops, cupcakes, and holiday orders. We developed a small following and when I graduated from college, I didn’t really feel like I could part with it. If I’m being totally honest, it had become k

The Big Fake Wedding Show- Then & Now

Last year I was a vendor at The Big Fake Wedding Show, which is wedding show that recreates a couple’s wedding day for them, in front of 200+ strangers. The show is designed to show couples how wedding vendors operate in an actual wedding setting, rather than just while standing at a 10x10 booth space at a vendor show. Although it is such a unique and amazing opportunity, I have to admit that I was completely terrified to participate in last year’s show. Because they only allow one wedding planner per show, I participated instead to showcase our desserts and calligraphy signage. The show was a great learning experience and I met some amazing vendors, but I was immediately determined to ret

Baby it’s cold outside: preparing for outdoor winter receptions

One of the trickiest factors to consider when planning a wedding in North Carolina is the weather. You want to get married in October? It could be 90 degrees and feel like August, or 60 degrees and the perfect fall day. Planning a wedding in January? You could be wearing a sweater on Monday and shorts by Saturday. Because of this, there are few venues in our state that really recommend against a winter outdoor wedding, they may just urge you to consider different options. While certainly not an extensive list, here are some options if your outdoor winter reception looks like it may be a bit chillier than you had originally planned for. Heating options. Are you having your reception in a t