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You’re engaged- now what? The most important to do’s before you say I do

As someone who just recently planned her own wedding, I’m all too familiar with that feeling of panic that starts to set in after you’ve gotten a fresh manicure, ordered yourself some “Feyonce” swag, and realized that you’ve got no idea what to do next. Here are some of my tried and true insider tips to get you started: 1) Set​ ​a​ ​budget​; I know, this is no fun, but it is SO important to establish sooner rather than later. Talk to your parents, his parents, & each other to determine who will pay for what. Gone are the days when you can just expect your parents to foot the bill, so you need to know what you’re working with before you blow your budget on 3K worth of peonies. 2) Pick​ ​your​

The Black Friday Bride

There is often much heated debate over how your Thanksgiving holidays should be spent. Do you sit at home and nurse a food coma, or stand outside of Walmart in running shoes clutching a sales paper? While I am admittedly an avid shopper (who has been sending my husband links to the Kate Spade sale for the past 24 hours), I find that standing in line in the cold is simply more trouble than it’s worth. That being said, there are tons of great deals to be had for the newly engaged-- you just have to know where to look. The Dress. My husband proposed the day before Thanksgiving last year, and my mother-in-law to be suggested that we spend our Black Friday in line at a local bridal boutique tr

Hosting a Worry-Free Friendsgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many are getting increasingly excited about the inevitable “food babies” and afternoons spent watching football and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There is a rapidly growing holiday trend however, that should not go unnoticed. Friendsgiving is exactly what the name suggests-- a time dedicated to celebrating the Thanksgiving holidays with friends. In our house, we celebrate this completely made up holiday the week before Thanksgiving, as a way to still celebrate with our friends who will be traveling or visiting with family the following week. While Friendsgiving seems like a great idea in theory, the last thing that I would want to do is sign

Not listening to my professors: A success story

Now before I get too far with this, let me just clarify that I can hear the big ole “I told you so” from my mama as I type this. You see, for me to admit that I ever did anything against my teacher’s recommendation, would basically make the high school version of myself shudder at the mere suggestion. I was as type A as they come-- taking AP classes and extra credit opportunities whenever possible, attending SAT camp over the summer to better equip myself for standardized testing-- I was a big ole nerd yall! When I got to college I lightened up a little, but not by much. But as I was nearing the end of my time at UNCW, there was something that I felt like all of my professors were saying o