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The Graddy Wedding Marathon

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience while shopping for wedding dresses, and now that we’re coming up on our 2 year anniversary, I thought it’d be as good a time as any to give a recap about how we went about planning The Graddy Wedding Marathon. While it probably doesn’t seem like it by looking at the goofy Insta stories I post of him, Lee suffers from pretty severe crowd anxiety, so when we were planning our wedding, keeping the guest count relatively low was a priority for him. Although I completely understood where he was coming from, we both come from large families, so the reality of that actually happening was a bit concerning for me. What’s more, we both own businesses in my

His day too-- Including your fiance in the planning process

If there’s one complaint I hear most often from brides, it’s that their fiancé doesn’t seem to care about the details of the wedding. Now before I continue, I realize that this is not true of ALL grooms to be, but we’re just talking about majorities here. The rationalization of this is simple: while your hubby to be has consciously made the decision to spend the rest of the life with you, quite often they feel like they picked out the ring, planned the proposal, and now it’s your turn. Also unlike us ladies, the men in our lives haven’t been planning their wedding day since they were 5. While we were pretending to marry our neighbors little brother, they were off shooting Nerf guns and rac

The Planner Becomes the Bride

Now when people ask this, I know the answer that they expect. They want me to say that everything about our wedding planning process was flawless because they are entrusting me with THEIR big day, which they want to be flawless. But here is the honest truth-- our planning process had just as many if not MORE bumps in the road than most of the brides that I work with. The difference, my darlings, is all in how you handle it. To give you an example, our sweet adorable youngest dog Lola decided to eat my veil a few months before our big day. That’s right, I said that my puppy ATE MY WEDDING VEIL. I would love to lie to you and say that I totally kept my cool when I walked into the house afte

The Wedding Planner

Some people have an unrealistic perception of what a wedding planner is. Are they there to make your day run more smoothly and to answer questions in a moment of crisis? Absolutely. Are they there to be your slave into work around the clock to ensure that you do not have to make a single decision regarding your special day? Not exactly. I think that social media and pop culture today does the wedding industry a disservice. People grow up wanting to be as cool at JLO was in The Wedding Planner, and want to spend their days sipping on champagne with brides. But the fact of the matter is, this job is not glamorous. Some days we need to clean bird poop off of chairs before guests arrive. Other d