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The DIY Bride Guide

When I first opened my business, I was not setting my prices for profitability, but just to get couples to book with us and trust that we knew what we were talking about. But as the company began to grow and the phone began to ring, it became apparent that there was no way I could continue to work 70+ hours a week for what worked out to be about $4/hour. So as a part of the natural order of things, we needed to raise our prices. While a necessary part of growing a business, I was conflicted about the fact there were couples who were in need of our assistance, but could no longer afford to hire us. This is where the idea for The DIY Bride Guide first came to be. While I hadn’t yet ironed o

Pinning Your Perfect Wedding

Brides today live in the age of the Do It Yourself wedding and the wonderful world of Pinterest and Etsy. Gone are the days of just picking your cake and bridesmaid dresses, and leaving the rest of the decisions to the venue. Now you’re given the option to personalize every element of your wedding day— which isn’t always a comfort. The process that is supposed to be fun and exciting can quickly become overwhelming and discouraging. As someone who was planning my own wedding (and is admittedly a control freak), I knew that I wanted to have a hand in every decision regarding our big day. I had a fine-tuned wedding board on Pinterest that I had been working on before I even met my fiancé, an